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Dustin Finch committed to the Brussels, Dublin and Belfast Jet Set partly out of curiosity. Prompted by a friend’s recommendation, he wanted to see how the Church expresses itself in a post-Christian context.

While in Dublin he listened to the stories of other American church planters like Phil.

“He told us how he had spent half of his 60 years on earth in Dublin, had started five or six traditional churches, and watched them all die after they were handed off to indigenous leadership,” Dustin said. “He told us, ‘Guys, I don’t have another one of those in me. From now on, I will only do things that are simple, sustainable and reproducible.’”

Dustin said he looks forward to seeing how he can apply what he learned to the new missional community he is helping launch.

“The Jet Set trip was really affirming for me, showing that I am on the right track, even if I don’t see ‘results’ just yet,” he said. “(On a trip like this) you get to see many different perspectives on church and ministry. … you are disoriented long enough that you come off of autopilot and must study your surroundings and think like a missionary.”

Fellow trip participant Jason Egly says it’s difficult to even begin to describe the depth of impact the trip has had on him. In an effort to do so, he blogs about seven points of application he desires to discuss with leaders at Ekklesia Nashville:

1. A confidence to keep pressing on
2. A need to understand our city more fully
3. A responsibility to not misunderstand the reasons for gathering
4. A necessity to empower the women in our church to lead
5. A commitment to create space
6. A desire to cross the line
7. A mandate to send

The Upstream Collective also wants to extend a huge amount of gratitude to the multiple people who helped host the group as it traveled:

Sean Mullen, owner of The Third Space cafe in Dublin
Joe Donnelly, who runs the Anchorage in Dublin
Carlton Deal, director of Serve the City, Brussels
Kyle Goen, leader of LifePoint, Brussels
Lucas Parks, church planter in Belfast, Acts 29
Karl Nyquist
Phil Kingsley

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