From the Board

The last couple of posts here on the blog have focused on the new partnership between Upstream and Sojourn International. Here to speak on behalf of the Upstream board is co-founder, Caleb Crider. Back in 2008, a small group of missionaries in Western Europe began to dream together about churches taking the lead in global mission. […]


A New Partnership

Nathan Garth is the Pastor of International Missions at Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY, board member for the Upstream Collective, husband, father, and all-around cool guy. He has lived on mission internationally, and he is an incredible resource for the Church. We are thankful to call him both partner in ministry and friend, and he […]

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Time for Change.

Upstream has a history filled with change. We’re used to it around here. It’s time for a little more change. Here to talk about it is Upstream co-founder, Larry McCrary: In the fall of 2007, Ed Stetzer and I put together a trip to Barcelona, Spain. He spoke to a group of overseas Christian workers […]


It’s Not Simply the Shape of the Table…

This week, Upstream has the distinct privilege of spending a couple of days with two different groups of church planters, pastors, and other various church and missions leaders at two separate Sending Church Roundtable events in Missouri and Kansas. What a joy to be able to participate in shaping the missional direction of the incredible churches […]

Care & Love

Jesus, The Missionary

We at Upstream were blessed for years to have an our good friend Natalie writing amazing articles about all things mission. A few years back, she wrote a tremendous article for the Advent season about Jesus and His mission. I stumbled across it again this last week, and I was encouraged by it. Our prayer […]


An Advent Standard

A couple of years ago, we first ran an article by our good friend Grady Bauer on how Christ’s incarnation informs the manner in which we approach mission. Grady is an artist living and working with his family in Copenhagen, and he penned the following ideas on exactly what the incarnation meant in the way he and […]

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A Word of Thanks

We at The Upstream Collective have something in common with the apostle Paul that seems rather timely: we are tremendously thankful for churches, and we believe deeply in empowering them for mission in whatever manner we can. Paul was sent on mission with Barnabas by the church in Antioch in Acts 13 where we see […]

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The Sent One Defined: A Healthy Posture Toward the Local Church, Part Two

In Part One of this series we focused not so much on the local church’s biblical posture toward the missionary, but the missionary’s biblical posture toward the local church. And in light of the New Testament evidence of Paul’s initiating love toward churches, we paused with the question, “Why is it often different today?” Let’s be realistic. There […]


Adventures with Larry & Caleb: What Are the Key Things That Help You in Contextualizing the Gospel?

Upstream co-founders, Larry McCrary (@LarryMcCrary) and Caleb Crider (@calebcrider) are living in very different places: for Larry, Madrid, Spain; for Caleb, Richmond, Virginia. Along with their families they’re not just teaching Tradecraft missionary skills, they’re also applying them. So we wanted to tap into their unique experiences, and at the same time parallel their local and global […]