Here is a list of resources from some of our Upstream contributors. Enjoy.


516PBKWcjwL._SX35_The Upstream Collective // Tradecraft
Bulk Orders (1o or more)
4101-0OMoUL._SX35_J.C. Dukes // Live Sent
41uXDJ+EiWL._SX35_OU01_Pat Hood // Sending Church
51uGAsGzQeL._SX35_OU01_Sean Benesh // The Bikeable Church

Miss_Book_ButtonThe Upstream Collective //
The Mission Book

The Upstream Collective // Sending Church Defined (Print Version)


Sending Church

PDF An Introductory Guide to Sending Church Cohorts
PDF Sending Church Checklist
PDF The Sending Process – An Assessment
PDF Mission Convictions – Sojourn
PDF Initial Missions Interest Questionnaire
.DOC Sojourn Missions Qualifications

On the Field

PDF First DAZE: A Guide to Hitting the Ground Running in a New City – Europe Edition
PDF First DAZE: A Guide to Hitting the Ground Running in a New City – East Asia Edition
PDF Tips for Leading Overseas Teams

Alternative Paths

PDF Sojourn Work Doc

Missionary Care

PDF Caring for Returning Sent Ones
.DOCPages Advocacy Teams – Editable
.DOC Sojourn Care Questionnaire 1-2

Shepherd’s Staff Partner Referral Program

.DOC Application
.DOC Character Reference
.DOC Pastoral Reference
.PPT SS Administration Description

Promotional Material

PDFJet Set Promotional Postcard

Recommended Reading

Introduction to Missions

Practical Missiology

Sending and the Local Church